An Epitaph of One Who Dared Venture Into the Unknown Wilds; The Last Thing He Saw

The Creature

Had purple

Skin; putrid

And covered

In dust, dirt,

Grime, and mold.

Its eyes

Were piercing

Red. Its

Six nostrils

Bled pro-

-Fusely. The

Rivulets pooled

Together as

They dripped onto

The wooden floor.

It touted three ears,

Jagged edges all.

Rooted in its maw:

A firmament

Of splintered teeth, caked

In putrid flesh-

-Y remnants, its last

Meal. I was the next.


Muse Junkie


The Unknown Wilds

None venture into the Unknown Wilds.

All those few who do enter

Never emerge- at least, not in the same mental state

Indeed, those who do come out come out changed- anything but unscathed. The most upright are certain to emerge wholly perverse. Evil. Monsters. Fiends hungering for flesh and bone; thirsting for blood and bile.

Civilized people go in, those “lucky” enough to be spit back out come out deformed savages full of an otherworldly, tangible anger.

If the Unknown Wilds do not rid you of your life, it is your sanity, your humanity they will take.


Muse Junkie

My Two Governing Emotions

Will these emotions dominate forever?

Have they, in waging war for control over one the other,

Killed all other emotions which did

Once inhabit my head? Did they smother

Happiness, joy, levity,

Relief, ease, peace? Will the places thereof forever be taken by these armies

Of stress and sorrow and anxiety? I wish to be rid

Of Guilt and Fear… Alas concerning other options, I doubt I have any.


You rule my life with your incessant pangs. You have caused all of my many colorful emotions to shrivel and wilt.

If only there were a pill to kill you, Guilt; at least maybe, if not a pill, then I wish I had strength enough to deny myself the many things which induce YOU.

You make me feel like I am below nothing. A filth. A breathing, mistake-making filth.

Fear, you are a package

Of so many foul facets.

You make me doubt what matters most to me; what I most want to be true.

If there were a button to forever turn you off – I would, without a thought, push it.





This Nation
Has become Desensitized
To a great many Things
Gradual moral Degradation
Has put principles lowest (in importance) on the list in one’s mind of qualities         Prized

What chaos and misfortune such a way of thinking Brings
This Generation
Is by Almighty God Despised
The devil is in full control; we willingly allow him to pull the Strings
Our wickedness will continue to grow beyond Escalation
We do as we please, following our own impulses; By our own (sinful) passions –               Ill-advised

This path will only lead to further Segregation… From God 


Death By Strangulation

Two hands,
Grimy and filthy,
Clutching my neck.
Their grip (gradually) tightening
I’m on my knees
My life slipping away with every second they squeeze
My attacker stands
Over me. I’m unable to breath; to scream; to beg; to plea. Soon (/at this rate), of –     -murder, this man will be guilty.
My willpower has dwindled, my life-force is now but a speck
(Now,) I realize there is no use (in) fighting.